How we do it:​

At forma design we understand how creating special and unique environment with featured identity is important for businesses. this environment works together with your brand and your company culture. 

So, we provided the BCD  program to give:

- Special identity for the project.

- Ability and flexibility for future expansions.

- Design utilization according to the project needs.

- Creating a unique piece according to the project needs and identity.

- providing the right design concept according to the MEC (management, employees and clients) relations, so that your workplace is completely functional. 

1- design survey: at the first meeting with the client a special design survey will be filled to get the full image about his company.

2- sharing survey results: at this step full survey and study results with comparisons will be shared with the client.

3- proceeding study results and new concept: according to the study results a new design concept will be born.

4- developing design concept: here, the new design concept is under developing process.

5- creative lab of values: after approving the concept, the design will be evaluated from our team to make sure that the design is reflecting the right values in the right way.

6- preparation: final preparation for the design to revive the design concept almost as a realistic design using new technology.

7- A new design concept has been accomplished. 

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